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Uxnovo implements flexibility models by advising, directing and assisting companies in search of functional and effective teleworking and smart working solutions.

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Telework: do you want to know more?



What is teleworking?

Teleworking is a business model that applied correctly generates large benefits for companies, workers and the environment.

Characterized by its independence from company premises, it is made possible thanks to IT and telematic tools.

The idea of ​​making employees work from home was born in the United States in the 70s and began to have a substantial and widespread application since the oil crisis of '73, which led the American government to consider this model based on the movement of data rather than on that of people.

By the end of the 1990s, teleworkers had exceeded 16 million in the United States and 9 million in Europe. Denmark, a nation where teleworking is most widespread, teleworkers made up 37% of all workers in 2016, while in Italy only 7% ( source EWCS 2016 )

How does teleworking take place?

The minimum hardware equipment consists of a computer, broadband internet connection and peripherals necessary to perform their duties such as headphones, microphone and printer.

Generally the user performs a remote desktop access to his PC located in the office where files and programs are stored or connects to the company server on which a particular management software, called ERP, that integrates all business processes relevant to a company, is installed,

Teleworking is greatly simplified for companies that already adopt Cloud systems.

How does teleworking take place?


Telework advantages

For employers

    Economic savings for the company
  • A company can save up to $ 20,000 (18,000 euros) per year for each worker who is converted into a teleworker
  • Fewer workstations save on buying or renting offices and running costs
  • Remote interactions reduce conflicts, lowering the rate of absenteeism, limiting staff turnover and leading to an increase in productivity
  • The ability to distribute work performance (and therefore the sending of data) at different times avoids overloading the corporate server and increases the efficiency of the hardware

For the worker

    Economic advantages
  • Savings in transport costs for the home-work commute and in the purchase or rental of a home near the workplace
  • Psycho-physical advantages
  • The elimination of downtime, transport and office stress, and greater autonomy, increase satisfaction, personal motivation and creativity.
  • The reduction of conflicts with colleagues and family members and the possibility of working close to any minor children, disabled, elders, balances work with family life in the best way

For society and the environment

    Environmental benefits
  • Transport for the commute from home to work is eliminated, with a consequent reduction in traffic and pollution
  • Social benefits
  • Accidents on the way and at work are reduced and consequently health costs
  • New job opportunities are created that stem the phenomenon of brain drain and prevent the abandonment of the countryside and the crowding of large cities

Smart working: do you want to know more?



What is smart working?

Also called agile work or flexible work, as teleworking indicates a particular way of organizing and executing work, which allows the employee to have no time and place constraints.

Smart working is in fact characterized by a flexibility of organization and development that frees the worker from spatial and temporal obligations, allowing him to choose when and how to work. The workplace of the smart worker can be anywhere, as long as it has a connection.

Often it is carried out together with traditional work and may require the presence in the office a few hours a week.

How does smart working take place?

Both managers and employees are interested in smart working.

To make it possible are the same IT and telematic technologies used for teleworking: pc, smartphone, tablet, cloud and other ways of sharing documents, software for videoconferencing and for the transmission of direct streaming.

Usually part of the work is carried out in the traditional way within the company, and another part outside, without a fixed location, so that it is possible to better reconcile one's work with one's personal commitments. The worker can thus work from home, in a co-working location, at the bar, or from any other place.

How does smart working take place?


Smart Working Advantages

For employers

  • Increase in productivity
    Companies that choose to work in smart working record an average increase in productivity of 20%
  • Work-life balance
    Working life is well balanced with family life, an essential condition for the good functioning of the company.

For the worker and the company

  • Work-life balance
    The work balance, mentioned above, represents an undeniable advantage first of all for the worker.
  • Displacement Negative Effects Reduction
    Fewer journeys each year mean savings in time, money and fewer emissions.

Smart working and teleworking consultancy: how we work

Smart working consulting


Reorganization of the employment relationship

  • We review together the business model, spaces and work organization of your company, to rethink it in a smart key, replacing the classic management model based on presence in the company to one based on the results achieved.

Preparation of the software instrumentation

  • The worker is instructed on the correct use of the software tools necessary to carry out his activity and to maintain constant communication with the employer and collaborators.
Security and backup

Technical support and data security

  • The company is provided with all the necessary technical support and security procedures are implemented to protect company and personal data from theft, loss and corruption.

Implementation contract

  • Once the conversion and training phase is over, it will be up to the employer and the employee to sign a specially drawn up contract, in order to start operating according to the new procedures in full legality.

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