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Are you looking for a professional website quotation, clear and understandable? Is it difficult for you to understand how to evaluate the right price? You do not want to pay too much but neither risk spending little by buying a website that is not professional or not suitable for your needs?

Any website, ecommerce , web app, mobile app and software management system created by Uxnovo is unique and developed specifically for the customer. Thanks to a personalized approach, Uxnovo offers solutions capable of fully satisfying every request. Websites for companies, freelancers and artists . Structure and graphics entirely created and customized according to your indications.

How can you be sure the website Uxnovo will create for you will be a professional product that will help your business?

Test Uxnovo websites yourself. You will find they are super fast and graphically appealing. But in addition to what you will immediately notice, every website created by Uxnovo is created from the beginning with a SEO perspective, to facilitate good positioning on search engines ) and optimized following the best UX and UI design paradigms, to make it as simple, intuitive and pleasant as possible for the user to use.


for your website to be

Efficient, fast and clear
A slow or poorly understood site will cause you to lose customers.
Nice and modern
Graphically captivating, original, creative.
To engage visitors and convert them into paying audiences.
Intuitive and rational
To communicate content effectively and immediately.
In compliance with the language of web visual communication.
To allow the user to interact and express their opinion.
Understandable and simple to consult and navigate.
To guarantee each user a top-level experience.
Mobile friendly
Optimized for perfect viewing on any device and browser.
Business suit
Much more than a business card.
By giving you a positive image and simply communicating the benefits of your products.
Because each page is indexed without waiting for Google to find them.
Optimized for SEO
because above all it must be found!
More SEO operations are performed on the site, the more it will be visible to potential customers.
Respectful of regulations
Each website must comply with all current international regulations: GDPR, cookies and privacy.
Protected from viruses and malicious attacks.
Through SSL / HTTPS encryption protocols to make it impossible to intercept the data passing through them.

Choose Uxnovo for your professional website

Why choose Uxnovo for the development of your professional website

Professionalism and experience icon
Professionalism and experience
  • Uxnovo is a web agency that develops tailor-made websites and professionally deals with web marketing and SEO.
  • Professionalism, experience, seriousness and punctuality make it the ideal partner to entrust with the web development of your company.
Cutting-edge technologies icon
Cutting-edge technologies
  • Unique professional websites created according to specific customer requests.
  • Modern, innovative, captivating, responsive, user-friendly, easy to use and to update, but above all business oriented.
  • Content and graphic of each website is optimized to the maximum through conscious processing of texts, images and videos using all the tools made available by the web.
Quality-Price icon
Value for money
  • Siti internet funzionali, capaci di attrarre e coinvolgere un pubblico crescente.
  • Non solo siti web moderni, funzionali ed efficaci, ma la volontà di che ogni prodotto, oltre ad accontentare il cliente, sia per lui utile e di valore.
Service and support icon
Continuous service and support
  • Uxnovo constantly supports you and provides you with all the assistance you need in every phase of the project.
  • From preliminary analysis to development.

Website development

Developing a professional website: stages

You Choose
Choose the solution that best suits your needs or Get a free consulting.
You are contacted
Within 48 hours of your request you will be contacted for to be able to discuss the project.
During development we stay in touch for better define details and any changes.
Delivery and support
Once the finished product is delivered, you will be assisted and instructed on its use.

Top services

Top professional websites

Companies website
why do i need a business website?
Icon web
First impression is essential.
Your internet identity is the first aspect that most visitors, your potential customers, will know about your business: first they find the website and only then they see your products and services.
A professional corporate website gives the user a first impression of your business much more positive than a poorly made website.
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Sito web Hotel
perché un sito web è particolarmente indicato per un hotel?
Icon web
Internet è il principale canale di vendita per il settore turistico. L'esperienza di Uxnovo nel Web Marketing Turistico lo rende la miglior scelta per la realizzazione del sito web del tuo hotel, per il suo posizionamento e le pubblicità. Per convertire gli utenti in ospiti, attraverso strategie e strumenti mirati, che restituiranno un ritorno economico rilevante ai tuoi investimenti.
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Updateable website
When to choose a website that can be updated independently?
Icon web
Do you need to update your website often, or a blog to his internal, and do you want to do it independently and without management costs? With this solution your website it is integrated with the update functions of the main CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).
The dynamic websites created in this way can be easily updated. With a few clicks you can insert new offers, news and posts simply and independently.
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Do you want to expand your business or want to start one from zero?
Icon web
Expand the boundaries of your market: sell online worldwide and transform your brand into a digital brand.
The e-commerce website is the ideal solution that can bring you increase your sales by over 500% in an incredibly short time or allow you to start a new business with very low investments!
Uxnovo develops reliable and safe e-commerce portals thanks to SSL security certificates and the use of PayPal for the management of payments.
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