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Is a mobile app useful?

The present is mobile

Everyone uses an average of 3 devices per day.
Users connected by smartphones vastly exceed that of desktop users.
The time spent on apps exceeds by 80% that spent on desktop sites.
The users of mobile apps worldwide are more than 2.7 billion from smartphones and 1.35 billion from tablets.
Each person checks the phone once every 12 minutes.

These data, the result of a research conducted globally in 2019 light, a rapidly growing trend (doubled in the only last 6 years) makes it clear how the mobile app creation is suitable for all businesses that intend to expand their market.

But why do people spend so much time on mobile apps?

A mobile app is software developed for mobile operating systems (first of all Android and iOS ). The immediacy of availability of mobile devices allows mobile apps to simplify and instantiate otherwise slow or complex operations. This kind of software has multiple functions compared to browser programs.

Did you thought about a mobile app for your business?

Present yourself on the market in an innovative way
Give life to the app of your dreams. You bring the idea, Uxnovo turns it into reality.

The custom app for your business

Do you have an idea and would like to create an app?

Not just apps. But high quality experiences.

Trust Uxnovo to start your digitization process. You will see the results and reap the rewards.
Only expert mobile app programmers and designers, certified developers of iOS and Android apps will fully satisfy your needs and the experience of your users with intuitive, fast, performing, graphically attractive and design mobile applications attention to detail.

You bring the idea, Uxnovo turn it into an app.

A mobile app development requires relatively modest investments and allows you to attract a growing audience in a simple and effective way. With an app, you will quickly boost and expand your business, reaching a large number of users. Uxnovo develops apps for shops, restaurants, hotels, gyms, corporate and corporate software and other commercial realities and know how to avoid app design mistakes.

Mobile app

Mobile app development

Call or ask for a free consulting
Within 48 hours you will be contacted to discuss your idea together
We keep in touch for better define details and any changes.
Delivery and support
App delivery and assistance.

Business oriented software and for company internal management

Mobile applications advantages

Business oriented software
  • incentivize registrations and purchases
  • engage and retain your users
  • you increase the sales of your products and services
  • reach a growing clientele
  • expand your market
  • advertise the brand through the icon on the device and advertising in the stores
Internal business software
  • you improve the internal organization of your business
  • lower costs and speed up processes
  • improve and simplify communication between sectors
  • facilitate data transfer
  • select personnel access based on roles
Both purposes
  • simplify interactions with simpler and faster operations
  • implement immediate communication by sending instant notifications
  • stay in touch with your users
  • allow users to interact offline
  • improve support

Uxnovo develops mobile apps for every business

Restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, bars.
Real estate
Real estate agencies, builders, surveyors, architects.
Taxis, public transport, private transport.
Trainers, coaches, professors.
Health centers, medical centers, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, health professionals.
Fitness and wellness
Wellness centers, gyms, personal trainers.
Brokers, banks.
Commercial activities of any kinds.
Personnel selection, human resources.
mobile app development

For an app

By translating the data obtained from the analysis of the reference market into winning strategies.
Multi-platform development
Development of native apps for smarthpone, smarthwatch, tablet in iOS and Android.
Performing apps, with a unique and refined design, with clean and captivating graphics.
UX design
Through the analysis of the user experience to decipher user interactions with the app, and understand their wishes and needs.
You can request code and documentation at any time and be informed about the current status of the project.
Value for money
Unbeatable value for money. More than 30% less costs than the competition.
Scalable and maintainable
The process of releasing updates and developing a later version of the app will be simpler, faster and cheaper.
Through manual and automatic tests: the application is tested to correct any bugs.
Advice, maintenance, release of updates and continuous tests aimed at improving the user experience.
On time
Your app will take between 30% and 40% less time than competitors to develop: you will be sure that no one launches your idea before you.
Respectful of the regulations
Each app must comply with all current international regulations: GDPR, cookies and privacy.

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