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Uxnovo Web Agency experience, reliability, assistance

Find your route in the web sea

Unique and memorable corporate graphics.
Fast and attractive websites and apps.
Strategic plans for marketing.

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Mario's restaurant

Uxnovo Web Agency

It's 12:30 and James, who started his new job today, is on his lunch break. Hunger begins to make itself felt. He takes out his smartphone, opens the browser and types West Los Angeles restaurants on Google.

The first result is Trip Advisor, but having no time to read and compare descriptions and reviews, he leaves the page. Clicking on the second result lands on the page of a renowned restaurant, whose website shows a photo of the building from the outside followed by the history of the place. But James is hungry, and a photo of a building and a celebratory text fail to catch his attention.

Uxnovo Web Agency
Uxnovo Web Agency

Discouraged but even more hungry, he returns to Google and clicks on the third result, “Mario's”. This time beautiful photos of sandwiches, hamburgers and other take-away dishes are presented to him. Increasingly interested, he interacts with the site, learning that food can be pre-ordered via the web and that the restaurant is located 10 minutes from him. Suddenly a 15% discount appears. Now James is really determined and places the order.

Mary, James's colleague, a vegetarian, who usually eats in the restaurant that appears in the second Google result, wants to have lunch with him. Fortunately, the Da Pippo restaurant website is well designed, which made James immediately notice the presence of vegan options. So Mary too can proceed with the purchase of her lunch.

Uxnovo Web Agency
Uxnovo Web Agency

What happened?
Mario's has gained two customers, while the other restaurant has lost a regular customer and a potential customer.

This scenario is repeated for every minute, every hour, every day for all the potential customers of the two competitors.

If you don't know how to intercept potential customers, they will turn to the competition.

Choosing whether to take on the role of the first restaurant that loses everything or Mario's that exponentially increases its earnings is entirely up to you.

Uxnovo Web Agency

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Drs Rossi and Ferrero *, specialists in orthodontics, have been working in their practice for over 20 years. Until now they have acquired their customers through word of mouth and local advertisements.

The ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct on health advertising vary greatly among countries. Dental advertisting is prohibited in some countries, while in other countries range from strict to very lenient. Because of these uncertainties drs. Rossi and Ferrero were reluctant to use other forms of advertising, especially those on the internet.

In June 2018 they commissioned Uxnovo to develop their own design and website. Uxnovo created the new website and perfected the coordinated image of the studio, including a complete restyling of the logo. Subsequently, SEO optimization work was carried out on the website to ensure that the business obtained visibility on search engines so as to allow the acquisition of new customers without using marketing campaigns.

Mockup dentist website

After 1 year, the Dental Practice site has 2500 visits per quarter and effective contacts have grown by 120% .

In the image below the statistics (real) indicate the number of users who have found the activity on Google in the first quarters from the creation of the site and the Google evaluation on website usability and speed.

Dentist website visit statistics

These results were made possible as well as a fast and intuitive website, also by good search engine optimization, which made it possible for interested potential customers to find the studio through local search on Google, without using advertising campaigns!

One year later, satisfied by the success achieved, Drs Rossi and Ferrero commissioned Uxnovo to develop an app to allow the patients in the practice to check availability and book visits and services!

Dentist App Mockup

* names and personal data have been changed in compliance with the legislation on the processing of personal data. The statistics are real.

The best advertising is customer satisfaction

They say about Uxnovo ...

We turned to Uxnovo because we needed to stream corporate meetings dedicated to an audience distributed throughout the Piedmont area. The work carried out was flawless and completed with professionalism and precision.
Giuseppe C.
Giuseppe Cultrera
Sms Sangilliese
I turned to Uxnovo for the modification to the old site of our company and I am succeeded to revive it! Available despite having made requests during work in progress e reliable.
Highly recommended.
Erik T.
Erik Tapparo
I am very satisfied with the service offered so far and with their professionalism. They are always there, kind and willing to give explanations. And they also came to meet me with the changes to the site completed, without increasing the initial budget.
David B.
David Barion
Radio Crossover Disco
Great Studio and great graphics in Turin! Excellent! Great! Top!! Uxnovo Studio is so cool! They work with passion and are super creative! A unique experience. Very good. Keep it up! See you soon. Stay cool!! 😎😉
David B.
Paolo Di Fede
Evolution Tattoo Studio
I thank the guys from UXNOVO who with infinite patience they created a nice website for my business, proving great professionalism and understanding for a layman like me for everything related to technology.
David B.

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