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Knowing marketing means knowing the tricks that make what you offer on the market desirable. Communication with the public, your potential customers, is of fundamental importance. A company that does not use online advertising properly has no chance to expand their online business.
If what you offer is not clear, if you don't know how to enhance your strengths correctly or if you can't reach the right audience, you will never achieve rewarding sales goals.
A professional provides you the tools you need to enhance your brand and reach your audience. Entrust a digital marketing professional , web marketing expert , to promote your business through advertisements on Google ads and social networks . Uxnovo provides your website and your brand with the visibility they need, through advertising campaigns designed to intercept the public interested in your products, taking them away them from competitors. Expert in advertising campaigns and certified web marketing , trained and constantly updated on all the tools of Google, Facebook and Instagram for online advertising campaigns.

To promote your brand increasing its online visibility on search engines through Google Ads campaigns and the most suitable social strategy.
Uxnovo, web marketing expert in Turin knows how to sell your product. In Google ADS campaigns management, the keywords are chosen, ads written and target is selected based on specific parameters for your market and location. Finally, the campaign is activated and its progress are monitoring and improving with continuous optimizations to maintain the top positions at the best possible price. In Facebook advertising campaigns, your target is accurately set based on the multiple platform parameters.

For each advertising campaign , the real chances of success are evaluated in advance, in order to propose to the customer the marketing and communication strategies most suited to the specific case, valid and effective.

Targeted advertising to maximize conversions

Google AdWords Advertising

pay per click campaigns

What is Adwords and how do pay per click campaigns work?

Google AdWords is the Google's advertising platform and it channels 85% of total search engine advertisements traffic. Users searching for a product or service on the web enter keywords in the Google search bar. If the keywords for which your Adwords campaign has been set match those entered by users, your ads will be displayed at the top of Google search results. With this type of campaign, called payperclick, you will always get qualified visitors, paying only for users who click on the ad .
The precise position of the advertisement on SERP will depend on the investment and the ability to optimize the campaign by those who manage it.

How does Google advertising work?

Search ads
If a keyword entered by a user from his/her device match to those chosen in the Adword campaign and your invested buget is adequate, your ad appears in the first search results.
You pay only when the user shows interest, by clicking to visit your website or to call you.

Display Ads
AdWords display ads run on more than 2 million websites and in more than 650,000 applications showing your ad to your potential customers wherever they are. Thanks to the targeting, keywords, demographics and remarketing options you can advertise your brand and get noticed by your potential customers.

Video Ads on YouTube
Video ads are shown on YouTube to a targeted audience. You will be charged only if the videos are viewed. YouTube offers great opportunities to get noticed. With more than a billion users, you can choose the audience you want based on age, location, interests and many other criteria.

Google ads
Google AdWords

Main advantages offered by Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that converts a lot and costs little. If professionally created and managed by an expert web marketing agency, an AdWords campaign can offer your business vast growth opportunities. It allows you to create effective online advertising, bringing important results in terms of returns on investment . Not having AdWord campaigns active on the contrary means delivering potential customers to the competition.
Main advantages of Google Adwords:
  • personalization
    wide possibilities of target profiling, which allow you to reach a qualified audience at the right time.
  • speed
    campaigns can be activated in a very short time and it is possible to measure the results.
  • immediate results
    compared to organic positioning on search engines (SEO), which generally takes long time, a correct AdWords campaigns can give you visibility and conversions in record time.

Do AdWords campaigns really work?

You may have talked to people who are skeptical about the actual effectiveness of AdWords, since they used AdWords on their own without obtaining neither profits nor visibility. These people bring their own personal experience. Google makes the Adwords tool available and freely accessible to everyone. Consequently, many try to use it independently in order to save money. But without the necessary knowledge it is easy to run into disappointments: it can happen to find the entire budget consumed in the face of the total lack of leads and conversions.
Google AdWords is a technical tool, with great potential and many complex possibilities for customizing the target audience. Without experience, the right strategy and the necessary skills in communication and marketing, it is very difficult to start a campaign correctly and optimize it.
In order not to waste time and money, you can rely on the experience of an internet marketing professional, who manages your campaign in optimal way.

AdWords Campaigns

Social network advertising

social network advertising

What is social network advertising?

Social networks are among the most powerful online advertising platforms: they give high results with minimal investments. Knowing how to do social marketing (social network advertising or social network marketing) means knowing how to exploit full potential through strategy, analysis and tests that must be translated into objectives, targets and conversions. Uxnovo uses social networks to spread your brand, your products and your services to the public, exponentially increasing their popularity.

Social networks advertising main advantages

Among the major advantages offered by social network advertising there is the possibility of using personal, demographic, geographic and interest information that users share on social networks in order to direct your ads to a selected audience who may be interested in your product or service.
Also social network users benefits from this type of advertising, viewing only advertisements that may be of their liking.

social network advertising

Choose Uxnovo for your digital marketing

Why choose Uxnovo for your digital marketing

Professionalism and experience icon
Professionalism and experience
  • Uxnovo's skills and experience in digital marketing allow to elaborate AdWords campaigns with adequate cost per click and a good conversion ratio.
  • Experience, training and constant updating permit to offer the best Google AdWords consultancy in Turin. The Adwords campaigns created by Uxnovo will increase the visibility of your brand and your website, and consequently sales or direct bookings, depending on your sector.
Technologies Icon
Cutting-edge technologies
  • Uxnovo develops highly effective payperclick advertising campaigns aimed at achieving your goals, through AdWords, landing pages and banners designed to gain visibility and generate sales.
Tailored services icon
Tailored services
  • Creation, management and optimization of Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network campaigns designed specifically for you. Constantly monitoring their progress and intervening to improve their performance.
  • Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, medical centers, dealerships, shops, freelancers, associations but also many other small and medium-sized enterprises choose Uxnovo AdWords campaigns to obtain fast, concrete and measurable results.
Service and support icon
Ongoing assistance and support
  • Uxnovo studies the objectives to be achieved with you, analyzing the reference market to propose the best strategy and the most suitable form of sponsorship.

From market research to monitoring and reporting

How do digital marketing services work?


Market research and digital marketing strategy
Study of the target market to learn more about your business and the competition. Analysis of your target, to understand their behavior, problems and needs. Identification of the geographic area of ​​greatest relevance. Definition of the investing budget.


Keywords choice
Identification of the most effective keywords for your business in order to maximize the value of each click and generate the greatest ROMI possibile.


Ads and landing pages creation
Creation of functional and engaging ads that explain your product or service benefits, to capturing users quickly bringing them to action. Creation of landing pages. Starting the PPC campaign.


Campaign monitoring and optimization
Constant monitoring and optimization of your campaigns basing on performance and results obtained to keep costs per click to the minimum improving conversions.

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