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Business IT consulting

Uxnovo provides IT consulting services in Italian, English, Spanish and French.
Remote telematic assistance is offered through videoconferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging programs.

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360 ° consultancy for small, medium and large companies

IT consulting services

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Business system consultancy

Business support in choosing the best IT infrastructures, with attention to purchase and management costs and in the choice of hardware and software technologies. Corporate server configuration for file sharing, printer sharing to storage media, cloud services, firewall systems and navigation monitoring systems.

Cloud solutions

Verification of the services that can be transferred to the cloud based on cost-benefit ratio, reliability, security, any migration issues.
The cloud storage allows companies to lighten internal infrastructure resulting in reduction of maintenance and management costs .

Cloud solutions
Remote backup

Remote backup

A device failure, theft or loss can compromise data integrity. To prevent the loss of information, Uxnovo prepare remote backup of the servers inside company and on external datacenter .

Management Consulting

Business IT consulting on management software to help companies optimize management times and costs.

Uxnovo Web Agency


Solutions for corporate network infrastructures based on customer needs, company size, geographic distribution, devices used to connect to the network and number of users.


Hosting and professional email solutions for small and medium-sized businesses with attention to the percentage of up-time (guaranteed of 99.99% days / year) and server response times. Constant support and fast assistance.



Consultancy on the most suitable connectivity for the client's company based on geographical distribution, number of users and type of network services.

Unified communication

Implementation of corporate communication through smart interaction, connecting different devices and applications to speed up work times, optimize management costs and improve the relationship between colleagues and customers.

Unified communication

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